Loss of my mum

I lost my amazing mum 6 months ago from leukaemia. She got ill at the end of 2020 but managed to reach remission twice. I went away on holiday with my husband and 3 children in August 2022 and within 4 days i got a call from my brother saying he’d flown over to the UK from America and mum was going into hospice care. We knew her cancer was terminal but she was doing so well so her disease progressed very quickly. I flew home with my youngest child and was able to spend time with her and was with her when she died.
I’m finding the apporaching 6 month mark very difficult, things have got easier, and i know they will continue to get easier as time goes on but i miss her so much. She was my best friend and I feel in physical pain most of the time. My brothers live abroad and my dad passed away in 1997 when i was 16. My husband is brilliant, but i just feel like i have a dark cloud looming over me. I miss mum and i miss the old me.


Hello @Katherine8, I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum. Thank you for reaching out. I can see you’ve connected with @Kitty24 on this thread, and I really hope you continue to find support on the community.

I also wanted to share our page on Coping with death anniversaries with you which I hope might bring you some support and comfort as you approach the 6 month mark.

Thanks again for reaching out - you are not alone.

Take care,