Loss of my Mum

Hello, I’m new to this community. I lost my Mum 4months ago. She was my world & me & my family were hers. I’m missing her every day & constantly reliving those last hours with her. I feel broken in many ways. There are reminders of her everywhere I go & the pain never seems to leave me. Some days are better than others £ I feel like I’m coping then it suddenly hits me like a tidal wave & it feels like I only lost her yesterday. I can’t imagine feeling truly happy ever again & dread all the ‘firsts’. Mothers Day, Easter & the change of season hit me hard. I dread the forthcoming anniversaries & in particular Christmas. My heart goes out to those feeling the same….


It’s coming up to 7 weeks since I lost my beautiful Mother. I can’t stop thinking about her either. She’s constantly on my mind, I feel so overwhelmed with sadness and I dread going back to work.
Don’t think I’ll ever stop missing her. I’m sorry that you are going through the same my heart goes out to you x

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I lost my mam last week and I felt every single word you wrote there. I’m broken into a Million pieces. Every song I hear, every programme I see on tele, every smell I smell, every flower I see, every star that shines brings me back to mam. I can’t sleep, eat or look at pictures of her. My heart goes out to you. This pain is horrendous and the love I have for her is only increasing daily and I for one can say that I don’t know how I will every get over this. My condolences to you all also. I’m here for you.

Dear @Ruth18

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your mum. The pain of losing a parent leaves a big hole in our lives.

There are some useful resources by Sue Ryder which may be of help to you at this time.

The Grief Guide that contains information to help you understand and cope with your bereavement and grief. When you feel ready, it would be worth taking a look.

It might be worth thinking about one to one Counselling. Sue Ryder offer free online Bereavement Counselling which you may be interested in.

There is also a blog on Losing a Parent which may be of help and support to you.

Grief Coach text service, which sends you personalised text support via SMS. This is helpful for family and friends too.

You are not alone, we are all here for you on the Community.

Take care.

Peppers xx

Hi @Ruth18,
Not much to say except I’m feeling all the things you are…So in any case it helps to feel less alone, I lost my mum Boxing Day and have been reliving the finality repeatedly but it eases sometimes. Mother’s Day was awful and Easter. She fell down the stairs and broke her back on Good Friday last year. I’m dreading birthdays and next C’mas and already thinking about how to escape it!
The pain at the moment is really bad and I get the ‘change of seasons’ feeling too!
Just got to ride the waves I suppose!
Mazza x

Dear Tweety,
I’m so sorry for you & feel your pain. I’m trying to take a day at a time. Like you say, there are so many reminders of them like the change of season, songs & smells. Life just feels like it’s come to a standstill. I find I get the occasional day when I feel slightly better than another day the grief consumes me. I’m hoping with time that I’ll find some acceptance. Thinking of you x

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Reach out at any time. Unfortunately in the last 3 Years I’ve also lost 2 brothers so I haven’t even processed my first brother yet. I’m literally broken from it all. Thinking of you also xx

Dear Mazza6,
It was December I lost my Mum so totally get how you’re dreading Christmas. Like you, MothersDay & Easter were dreadful. I don’t how I’ll cope with the year ahead. We have all the seasons as triggers too. Every day seems like an effort to get through. I feel at least I can empathise so much more now with others suffering with grief & reach out to them. Keep strong x


Hi Tweety,
My goodness you’ve suffered a tremendous amount of grief. Thankyou for reaching out. Here for you. X

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Thank you! Youre being generous when youre suffering so much yourself.
Its so difficult and painful isnt it, with no idea when things will feel more manageable. No-one is prepared and do really feel for people whove lost their mums younger than I am.
Ive got some grief workshops in the pipeline. How have you been managing to cope so far?
Mazza x

Hi Mazza,
The grief workshops sound interesting. I’m finding this forum very helpful knowing people understand what you’re going through & can empathise. I’m having some counselling with ‘Cruse’ for the next few weeks. I’m trying to take a day at a time. It’s very hard isn’t it.

Hi Ruth,
I signed up to Cruse for services in my area, and someone rang me to tell me they’d send an email with a link. I didn’t receive it so probably an oversight somewhere. I’ve not followed it up but I hope you have better luck.
I’m going to an Interactive (with the audience) play next week. Run by the same man running the workshops.
It is so hard and good that people can share things that help-as well as just feeling that you’re not alone, with people on here.
Mazza x

Hi Mazza,
It might be worth you calling up your local Cruse team to say you haven’t had the email. They rang me within a 3-4 weeks & offered 5 free telephone sessions.
I hope you find the interactive play helpful.
Keep strong,

Thank you. You’re doing well yourself :slight_smile:
Mazza x