Loss of my parents

I haven’t been on the forum for several months, but the last 3 months have been a nightmare which has resurrected many of the emotions I experienced when my wife passed in July 2020.

My father passed away in mid-April this year, the day before my wedding anniversary. In a way it was a blessing, because his quality of life for the last year had been very, very poor. I live 160 miles away from my parents and was unable to see my father one last time before he passed. My brother did tell me that that was perhaps for the best, because I wouldn’t have recognised him, he had lost so much weight. My father was the last of his family of 5 brothers and one sister, he was a good man and father, and I find it difficult to accept he is no longer in my life.

Seven weeks after my father passed, my mother also passed away. She was always a strong, strong woman, and I always thought my father would pass before her. I last saw her in hospital in April this year, just after my father had passed. I noticed a big difference in her frailty compared to my previous visit some 14 months previously. I did drive up to Scotland to see my mother on 31st May, but my car broke down on the way (failed fuel pump) and I never got to see her that day. Visits to her care-home were restricted due to an outbreak of infection and she passed shortly after that. Like my father, I never got to see her one last time. Her funeral was a few days ago, and I was able to stifle my tears. My mother was also the last of her family of 5 sisters and 3 brothers.

Both my parents were 99 years old when they passed.

Their wedding anniversary was in mid-June - they had been married for 73 years.

So far this year has been a year I’d very much like to forget.


99 years old, what an achievement.
How blessed you have been to have so many years together x