Loss of my son

I really feel for those of you that are grieving the loss of your partner,wife, husband, mother, father, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and om so very sorry for all of you . I lost my father 20yrs ago and still miss him, but it was in the right order. Non of you can feel the same pain that I am feeling now at the sudden loss of my 42yrs old Son. Its the wrong way around, a mother should never have to Bury her Child!!! The pain is almost unbearable and 24/7. An emptiness that only someone who has been through this would know how angry I feel !!!

Hi Gaillaura, I can only imagine the pain you are feeling, as you say it’s the wrong way round, you expect to lose your parents, grandparents and sometimes your partner, which is so sad, but to lose a child is just unimaginable, my heart goes out to you, I can’t offer any advice as I haven’t been in your position, but I’m sure you will get support from this site, sending love and hugs Jude xx

Thankyou Jude for your lovely message, and yes the pain is something so different from losing parents etc, I don’t honestly know how ifeel xxx

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My friend lost both her children to suicide within 2 years of each other and both in their thirties.
It happened over 10 years ago but she still breaks down whenevef…she talks of them. She says she lost her life when they died and since then she hardly leaves the house.
IThe grief has never lessened for her and if it weren’t for her grandchildren I think she would have ended her own life. The pain is still so visible.

Im so sorry you lost your son. I lost mine last october aged 39 to bowel cancer. I find every day a struggle, he has his 40th birthday coming up. Just dont know how im going to cope. I think of him constantly. I cry inside and out. So unbarable at times. Good luck with your grief. No parent should have to bury there baby.:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

I am so sorry too for your loss……I’ve just lost my husband married 54yrs …11 weeks ago but I too lost my son 18 yrs ago and he died of skin cancer I nursed him the last 6 weeks of his life he was 34…and yes it hurt….but my pain now from losing my hubby for me is far worse ….we are all different and feel things different …I loved and adored my son and never thought anything could be worse but my head and body at this time is hurting more …take care and once more so sorry for your loss x