Loss of my wife Roger

It’s my birthday today and for the first time in 64 years, I’ve not got my wife by my side it’s been one hell of a morning so far, it’s been six months now and it’s been total hell God when will it end


Happy birthday glad your wife is with x

Mate I wish I could click my fingers and all our people could come back to us, then it would end, this crappy journey we are on is full of occasions that are the firsts since they have gone, my wifes birthday in August was a bitch, now I’m dreading December and our wedding anniversary also Christmas which she loved.
There is no way around it we have to cope the best we can.


@Tim1 thinking of you on your birthday without your wife. These days are really hard, especially since you were together for so long. I hope you have company or something else to distract you. Try to make her proud. I find keeping busy is the best but everyone is different. Take care