Loss of my wonderful husband

My husband of 54 years passed away in December 2018 and each day is a struggle to carry on. The pain is there whatever I am doing, I join in with family celebrations but there is someone missing and when I go home he’s not there to share things with. His illness came like a bolt out the blue and within 6 months he had passed away, he was always so healthy and his death has left a huge void in our lives. I see other couples doing things together and I’m envious and ask myself why my husband. His things are still around the house and I can’t bear to move them, he’s shoes are in the hall and his coat still hangs on the hook in the kitchen and I smell them everyday but I’m afraid his smell will eventually disappear and I’ll have nothing to cling to. Everyone tells me it will get easier but I can’t imagine it will my life is so empty without him.

All of us understand your pain, it’s hard, so very hard and like you I was told it would get easier although I haven’t noticed anything as yet. There’s nothing I can say to ease your pain and loneliness, just that there are so many of us feeling just as you do, so your not alone. Someone will ‘talk’ to you if you need us.
Thinking of you Pat xxx