Loss of myself

On 12/18/20 my entire world was shaken with the loss of my grandfather. 5 days later in 12/24/20 his oldest son and my father passed away. This turned my entire world upside down. Being a grandpas girl and daddy’s girl my entire life. I’m still struggling now 2 yrs later. I was the only child from my mom and my dad, but my dad had 2 kids from his previous marriage. After he passed I became the enemy. Down to them wanting me to do a DNA test because I wasn’t blood to our grandpa or dad. Now it’s caused more to my grief. I question who I even am anymore! This is so hard! My husband just tells me I’m not the same anymore. I don’t know how to fix myself!

Have you tried having a conversation with yourself about what is going on? Consider your emotions and actions, consider the reason and cause? E.g. when I feel a strong emotion, I look back at the day for triggers, and if I can’t remember any I focus on self-compassion because I know my lost loved one would want me to live well

Grief makes a mess of us all. You are doing your best to deal with a complicated situation :slight_smile: