Loss of parent

Hello, just lost my mum recently.
She had dementia for many years.
Loved to watch Strictly dancing with her.
Her famous words, I am carrying on,which used
to annoy my brother at times.
Fortunately, I have a hubby and 12 year old son who keep me going.
Son off with stomach pain. I think anxiety about an up and coming test.
Surgery have no appointments.
It’s all very new, getting used to mum not being here.
We all lived together in the same house.
Mum moved from her upstairs bedroom to downstairs so she could be involved more with the family and kitchen right next door.
The last 2 years, she didn’t walk but was hoisted into her chair in the mornings for breakfast.
The carers were great, singing her favourite songs from Engelbert, humperdink to Gloria Gaynor.
I have this beautiful photo of her in the living room, phone in her hand, smiling away.

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Hi Sharmaalex

I lost my mum suddenly 2 years ago when my daughter was 12. My mum also lived with us. She looked after us rather than the other way round!

It was so hard losing her that we couldnt stay in the house. It was a large bungalow which felt so empty after mum died.

We sold it and bought a house which was the opposite. A town house with 3 floors and lots of stairs. I find life without my mum very hard.

I cant display photos still but I hope I’m able to one day.