Loss of partner

My lovely partner passed away in early November. We had only been together for 5 years but they were wonderfully happy years. I loved him so much and miss him. It was a second relationship for us both . I am a widow and he was separated before we met. What I am finding hard is that he left everything to his daughter saying that she would look after me. Her and his other children have taken away all his personal possessions even some of his clothes. Left me with nothing. I feel they have taken him away from me. I know he was their father. This was all done before the funeral. I keep telling myself they are only things and I have my lovely memories of a wonderful man but it is so hard. I have heard nothing from them since

Sorry to hear this and so often the case. Could you contact them and ask them for something you could keep in his remembrance? Did you buy him anything for his birthday if so ask them for it back! Being his partner you are entitled to have something and if they were decent enough they would insist on it

Oh so sorry for your loss, I have just lost my partner of 15 yrs and I know what you are feeling, my partners daughter tried doing the same to me, but luckily my partner left a will. If they can do such a horrible thing like that, then forget about them, and remember the good times you had with your partner.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for your loss too. I am trying to forget about them as I know they are not worth bothering about. I have my own lovely family and friends. We did have lots of good times, lots of lovely holidays. We did a lot in the five years we were together. Thank you x

I know how you feel as I experienced the same thing. My partner of 7 years died in December and his long term female friend was left everything. He did not tell me he had changed his will recently and left everything to her. She didn’t even want me involved in the funeral arrangements and did not tell me when his funeral was taking place. I only found out through a neighbour. My and his friends attended but I couldn’t as I didn’t want to face her. Although we had parted a year ago I kept in touch with him and I think she resented me still seeing him. But I also have lovely memories of our time together and she can never take those away. The other day I put together a photo album of our time together, our lovely holidays and it was very therapeutic for me to do this. I wasn’t sad doing it just grateful to him for the short time we had together. Life must go on as the saying goes and he wouldn’t want me moping and sad but embracing life and coping. I hope in time your sadness lifts. It is beginning now for me. Take care

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