Loss of son

I lost my youngest son in January with alcoholic addiction now my oldest son is in hospital with the same problem can’t cope with losing his brother attempted sucide at the weekend in a bad mental state of mind going through this trama all over again breaks my heart


Dear @Jacci

I am so sorry for your loss of your youngest son. I do hope your oldest son makes a full recovery and gets the help he needs as he is also grieving the loss of his brother.

There is an organisation called The Compassionate Friends which has useful information for you as a family. It is for families who have lost a child of any age. They do have a telephone helpline on 0345 123 2304 should you need to talk to someone. It would be worth giving them a ring.

There is also the Samaritans who are available 24/7 on telephone 116 123 for free for support and also for someone to talk to.

Please continue to reach out here. You are not alone and we all here for you. Please keep us updated.

Take care.


Jack- so so sorry that you have lost one son to alcohol addiction .It is a horrible disease that lots of young men and women battle with. I will send good thoughts out to 5 other boy, what is his name?And what is your other boy called. PLease try to not hurt yourself anymore. Do u have other family to help you.i am sorry that I cannot say very much more.i lost my son in December but for you at the moment have a second son to worry about and you are probably feeling overwhelmed .if he is in hospital he will be getting all the right care in a specialist ward
do not

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Sorry that went wrong. Am thinking of you and the boys and please try to get as much support around you xxxxxj

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Sent home no support got him at my house really don’t need this grieving bad and now a worry it’s going to happen again my youngest was having siezures everywhere I went collecting him loads times addiction is horrid

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Oh Jacci - this is a lot for you to carry.have you got any family members to support you . How is your son now has he been sent home with meds and an appointment, I do hope so It is going to be tough
for you to grieve whilst your son is Il.is he grieving too
Take advice from the Sue Ryder post - if you feel really bad call Samaritans as they are great.Please please look after yourself you are as important as your son. J xxxxxxxx

I’m so upset worried etc any idea who would be the best people to speak to he’s got really bad angry threw him out of hospital with escort way he’s going on he’s will kill himself or someone else

So sorry jacci but if he is threatening to kill himself or someone else you need to ring police. They can get someone in to assess him.sounds hard but u cannot be expected to sort it out. Police have to get mental health in these days if person suicidal. Sorry but this the only option I can think of. Jxx

Jacci - hope things have settled down. You do need peace to grieve for your son. and I know that your other son needs help which is often not easy to find Google ADFAM and they will give you a number to call.They have especially trained support workers for families.parents who have children with these problems. Take care jxx

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