Loss of wife

I have recently lost my amazing wife from pancreatic cancer. All happened so quickly and I am devastated and traumatised. She was a big kid as well as being devoted like both a mum and a wife. I feel I have lost a wife, mother and child. I accumulated wealth for our future and as we chose to have no kids noone to leave it to. My work gives me a focus but who am i doing it for ? . I am not suicidal but there are days i wish i could collapse of acl heart attack and join her


Sorry for your loss it’s so hard isn’t it. I lost my amazing husband 7 weeks ago. We were on holiday and he passed away with an underlying heart condition. He was only 44 and I’m so lost without him. He was my everything, best friend, soul mate also a big pain in the butt on times. All we can do is take one day at a time and do our best.


Hi @Helen24 @John83
Sorry for your losses.
We can only take 1hr 1day at time.
No one wants to live this new life we find ourselves living without our partners.
It has been 5+ months and some days are better than others but nothing will ever be the same anymore.
I try to keep busy but the nights and weekends are harder for me as i miss that time most of all.
Remember to look after yourselves.
Lynne x


It’s the nights and weekends I struggle with too. I hope when I go back to work it will change a bit. I don’t want a new normal but like the rest of us it was taken out of our hands. Thank you for the message, hugs to you.


Pancreatic cancer is a bugger isn’t it. I’m in a similar position re no children, and ok money wise.

I know what you mean, I’m not suicidal but…

We are all in a place we don’t want to be. I’m just wading from day to day.