Loss off husband

I lost my husband in may after a long illness with cancer and previous stroke i cared for him till the end he wanted to stay home so we had hospital bed .the shock was still massive for us all although he was on palitve care i never believed he would go .at first i seemed to never stop crying but now the end off day is worst i seem to just sit in loneliness my physical symptoms are anxiety palpitations lack off appetite mind fog

Hi. Sue. Oh yes, we all know how you feel. You are far from alone. Everyone here is able to share the pain. That’s what it’s all about.
Now it’s always possible that anxiety will follow loss. We fear for the future and fear is always at the root of anxiety.
Palpitations are a classic symptom of anxiety as is that awful mind fog that seems to make us numb, but are generally harmless. But if it worries you see your GP for reassurance. A visit to your doctor is always a good idea even if you don’t want medication. They deal with bereavement on a daily basis and can help you find places to go that may help.
Always take genuine help when it’s offered. Reaching out to others as you have done here is also a good move. We try to help each other as best we can.
No matter how long or short an illness lasts, it always comes as a shock at the end.
You cared for your husband and you should have no feelings of guilt, which so often happens.
Loneliness is one of the worst parts of this pain. I found it unbearable at first. I have got into a routine of my own, but the pain of loneliness still pops up now and then.
Now take care of yourself. Your appetite will return in time. Give yourself time.

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Thank you im so sorry for your loss .The awfulness off it all is so hard to bear and the person i talked to about everything and made me feel safe is gone