In the last 10 years I have lost my only daughter, no cause of death identified, my gran who was my mother figure for most of my life, my Dad in America and now my husband. How do I go on?

@TerriH hi I am so very sorry for your losses I lost my partner pauline in April I’m so sorry you are going through this heartbreak please look after yourself and take one day at a time I hope you have support around you keep posting on here you will find support we all try to help eachother as best as we can and everyone here understands your pain I’m often around if you want to chat stay safe take care sending hugs x

You are not alone in being alone. I have come to this site for years. I was an only child and after losing my parent, I am lost. All I have are my dear cousins in another country and a few good friends. My romantic life is a big zero and on top of it, my career is in a shambles. I miss my mom and dad dreadfully.

Losing your child is monstrous. I am SO sorry. I can only imagine. All I can say is that one day we shall also pass so it might as well be then. also, the deceased want us to go on and enjoy our lives. easier said than done. I think about suicide a lot. too much. I also see a counselor.

suicide would be a terrible way to go so I keep trying to go on. it makes me very sad though. I know a woman early 60s. she married my old friend. she had lost everything, job, nephew, husband to suicide, her beloved parents and sister. yet she smiled because she met Dave.

life can be a terror and you really have to be brave in some cases, to continue. your child would want you to.

Hi @berit,

I’m so sorry to read you think about suicide a lot - I’d like to thank you for sharing so openly and honestly here. I can see you are in the US and so I have emailed across some support services, a bit closer to home, which you may find helpful.

I also wanted to share this article from our website which you, @TerriH and @Casey1 might find helpful. The very nature of loss and bereavement can be really overwhelming at times but please remember, you are not alone.

Thank you for supporting one another - keep on reaching out.

Take care,