Lossing someone close

I’m coming up to the 2nd anniversary of my dads death and I’m still really struggling, will this ever get better


Hi Poulton

Just wanted to reply. I totally get what you are saying about your dad, My mum died November 2020 and I can’t say that I have got over it. People might think I have but I still think about Mum every day and miss mum every day and I still cry sometimes.

In my case Mum was 93 and I am now 63 so I had her for a long time but it doesn’t matter how old someone is. It’s never long enough. Mum and I lived together and I am an only child with no children.

All you can do is try to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Don’t think you are on your own or pressure yourself because you think you should have ‘ moved on’.



So sorry @Poulton and @Caro1959 that you are going through this too, but grateful for your sharing. Same here. Mum died June 2020, missing her every day and and learning that some grief at least is a marathon not a sprint. I don’t wish the nightmare feelings on anyone but it helps me to feel in sympathetic company reading on this board other peoples stories of loss and grief. Like a problem shared eases it a little…
Hugs xx

Thanks Stardust.


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