lost and lonely

I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time. Now that I have I have no idea where to begin


Just tell your story, I’m quite sure there will be people that can relate. Give it a go you may find it helps :+1:

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Hi @IanP
I’ m Debbie my husband died 15 months ago after a long illness.
We have all lost someone very precious to us and can talk openly to each other and we all understand how your feeling and the rollercoaster of emotions you are going through.
As Jim says give it a go.

I was spared years of looking after a partner, my hubby collapsed suddenly.

Regardless of circumstances we find each other adrift on the same boat .

I find when I re-read any older threads they help keep me “grounded”.

Different prospectives on the same subject - - strangely helpful.

You can only do what feels right for you when it feels right for you.

G. Xx


I am so sorry Ian you have found yourself here, it’s the club none of us want to be in but it easier for us to be together.

Our stories and loses may be different but the grief is the same.

Just tell us you story when you feel comfortable. You might want to tell us about your person, or how you feel right now.

best, Beki


Hello IanP, it’s been a year and a half for me since I lost my beloved husband suddenly and unexpectedly after 25 years of marriage. I had never had anything to do with social media before, than I discovered this site and am so glad I did. It really is comforting sharing my deep sorrow with others in the same situation, we all understand each other, you probably agree that your close family and friends just can’t understand how you’re feeling, unless someone has gone through the same grief of losing a life partner. I hope you too will feel at ease to pour your heart out here.