Lost both my parents within 3 weeks


My dad died 4 weeks ago and this hurt me badly as we had fallen out over his new wife and my partner and a big fight we had 8 years ago. He died suddenly and so I didn’t get chance to hug him again and tell him I loved him no matter what.
When he died my mum had been in hospital since July and her lungs only was working at 40% so she was on oxygen 24/7 and at times very heat flow into her lungs. Since July we nearly lost her 4 times and she had been on 5 different wards al trying to get her well enough to me her wish come true and die at home but sadly on Saturday my sister gets told mum was bad and we needed to come (5am) so she calls me d we get in car and phone rings… She died before we could get there :sob: we never got to say bye or for her to hear us say we love her one last time.
We only had dad’s funeral on the wed which was uposetting enough as new wife didn’t say anything about me or my sister like we hadn’t been born! Like he hadn’t been our dad for 20+ years before she came along and started the affair.
Now we are trying to deal with our grief for our dad, the anger for the funeral and now we feel like the floor has given way and we are falling.
No will or funeral done for us so now we are trying to work together to give mum a great send off.
I’m trying to be strong for my sister our our children but I’ve had a bad year already after having cancer last year and a still getting over the operation.
I need someone who know how I feel to tell me it’s all going to be ok.
My partner my family hate so I’ve pushed him away so I don’t hurt him or he says wrong thing and we loose what we have fort for over the last 18 years.

Hi I no what your going though my mum died dec last year and 26 days later I lost my dad he died on the day of my mum funeral it hit me like a ton of bricks as we weren’t expecting my dad to pass and I never got the chance to say goodbye to him

Sorry for your losses too.
Me and my sister can’t workout if it would hurt more if they had been still married when they passed or that they wasnt?
Only thing that made us smile is the storm we had weekend we both thought “mum has found him as punishing him for how he made us both feel while he was with his wife” lol
I can’t sleep well and everything is making my conditions worse so I’m in pain physically and mentally.
I just feel lost

You just got to try and stay strong you be ok just think and say what will mum be saying right now

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Hi I just want to say please don’t push your partner away you may regret that later. I’ve lost both parents there was no family angst with either dad died young so mum was on her own a long time. When she died I lent on my husband and he gave me the support I needed also my brother died young and my sisters husband who we all spent alot of time with. Again my husband supported me and I needed his love and affection so much…but in the last 2 years his family turned on him he started a business and gave them all the opportunity to share in it …he’d been self employed 40 years had a huge customer base and brought all his brothers and sister in on it gave them equal parts of the company because that was him he gave and gave…but his family stole from the business but some how blamed me not getting on with his sister…which was news to me as the downfall of the business when really its just my husband found out what his sister and her son inlaw also in the business was doing. He fell out with 3 brothers and his sister because she is a narcissist and can manipulate like the best. That was 2 years ago …my son got married and 1 brother and his family decided to come to the wedding so his sister and her son inlaw and the other brother cut him off for doing so. …2 months after my sons wedding my husband went work …back working with the brother who had come back into our lives …and died fixing someone’s toilet he died only minutes from our home in a neighbour’s house. His other family still blame me for everything…I’ve done nothing at all they have said horrid nasty things to me. They even said I’d stopped them coming to my husbands funeral…not true I just didn’t want them sitting at the front with my son and I. I have suffered so much loss and I’m so sorry you lost your parents so close together…but you need your partner. Lots of love Jude x

Thanks Jude sorry for your loss of your husband I hope your doing ok


Sorry for all your loss and heartache of family. I know how it feels and it’s hard not to let it come between us a times but today I’ve gone to work with him so see how we go

Good luck tell me how to get on