Lost both parents

On New Year’s Eve 2016 I lost my dad only 67 to cancer, three years later my mom dad suddenly last October on Halloween from a brain aneurysm only 68. I was just coping with dads death after three years, but now mom has gone I feel completely lost. We did so much together, dad asked me to look after her. We went travelling etc, was never apart. She was like a sister and best friend. It’s sinking in now that I won’t see her again. Got lots of happy memories but still can’t believe it has happened.

Hi amie,

I am still reeling from the shock of losing my mum last june from a sudden brain haemorrhage too. She was 74 but so funny, active and my best friend.
She brought up my daughter with me and I honestly though I would have her for another 20 years.
We lost my dad aged 53 to a major sudden heart attack, 21 years ago.
Being without both parents is a different kind of pain. You feel so alone in the world. I have a loving partner and a lovely daughter. Neither of them knew my dad but they both adored my mum and are lost without her.
Life is very cruel at times but you are not alone.
Cheryl x

Hi guys feel silly posting really but have had a bloody awfull day I lost my mum in Oct to cancer and my dad died suddenly 10 years ago when I was 15 I’ve just turned 27 and to be honest I’m fuming I feel so alone and empty like what am I gunna do I have to love my whole life on my own it’s very daunting I have a younger sister shes 24 and 3 young children 6,5 and 7 months my mum was the best grandma and the best mum I’m so sad I keep trying to he positive but if one more person tells me it gets better in time I’ll end myself because I know its gets better but I just cant be bothered to drag myself through this tunnel I dont know how I’m supposed to do it I mean I can offer support and advice to other people like talking is great do something you enjoy go for walks have faith I do all these things but I’m feeling more and more empty I’m doing the day to day tasks of being a mum and a wife on top of supporting my sister and selling my mums house ect I’m like a robot with just wish I could switch of my bloody feelings can imagine you all feel the same on bad days just wish a good day would crop up and all this just makes me want my mum more I do anything to have 2 seconds with her feel so awfull replay her death a million times in my head anyway I’ll stop depressing everyone now I hope that god gives you all the strength you guys need or this chat room offers hope and support to you all I’m so sorry there are so many people worse of than me and I know that I am greatfull god bless you all

Hi iona,

I can relate to alot of what you have said having lost my mum last June and my dad 21 years ago.
Life is bloody tough without them.
But what has to keep me going is my daughter who is 12 and who I adore. My mum also adored her and I have to provide her with a good life like my mum did for me. You need to do the same for your children.
It’s not going to ge easy and I dont go round pretending I’m ok because I’m not.
I’m also looking after the home, working full time and I am very down but I think of mum and how she coped when my dad died and I’m just trying to do the same.
Thinking of you x

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