Lost Brother to covid

Hi everyone this is my first time posting. I lost my brother to covid in February, he was only 52 and had so much more life to live. He has left behind a wife and son. We are all absolutely devastated and traumatised by the circumstances of his passing. I’m really struggling today hearing about all the restrictions getting lifted soon . Is anyone else feeling the the same?


Hi Brightstar, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your brother, I was just thinking when I was watching the briefing how hard this must be for people who have lost loved ones and at such a young age, I’m sure you aren’t on your own feeling as you do, life seems so unfair at times, I do hope you find some support from this site, sending love Jude xx

Hi Brightstar, I feel for you. My situation is similar my brother died of Covid in December aged 54. He had a wife two older step-children and a younger son aged 16. I think when it’s your brother and at a relatively young age it’s the disbelief and the pain of loss that I struggle with most. I’ve had some bereavement counselling sessions which have helped; mainly just being able to talk to someone about all aspects of the loss (from the deep seated feelings of loss - to the absolute banal things) for a solid hour a week helps me to process what has happened.

Hi Fee1, I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother, it’s so heartbreaking to have lost a sibling, like you I struggle with disbelief and also the circumstances of his passing,. Because of this ,I too have started to see a therapist, I e only had one session so far. I feel so empty and lost without him.
Sending love and hugs, As awful as our situations are, it helps hearing from someone experiencing a similar loss. Take care

I lost my brother to Covid last month, only 33 years
old with a young family left behind…I don’t know how to cope.


Hi Kiring, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your brother, it must devastating for you and his family, you must support each other, and take a day at a time, it’s early days and unfortunately although you never get over the loss, you do learn to live with it and then start to remember the good times, hopefully this site will give you some support, sending love Jude xx

Hi Kirang I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s devastating isn’t it, and when they are so young it feels so cruel, it’s very early days for you , you are still in the devastation zone, please take care of yourself, to have lost a sibling is so heartbreaking.

Thanks for your replies. I don’t know what I am looking for. I have been speaking to grief counselor. Nothing seems to make difference. I am just not able to accept that this has happened. My life has come to stand still. I can’t connect with my kids or my husband thinking about his wife and kid what they will never have.

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I know , it feels like life has stopped and it hurts so much, my brother would never have wanted to leave his family in this way as I’m sure yours wouldn’t either. I think we have to take one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. Take care

I lost my mother in law to covid in Jan and I miss her everyday and especially the phone calls bit it does get easier

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This is sad I am sorry for your lost. Your Brother was my daughter age.

So young :pensive::disappointed_relieved:Prayers &Thoughts.
My Brother passed last year aged 63. He had Health problems Diabetes type 2,High blood pressure,liver disease. They said he die of Suspected Covid .In the 1st wave😔.

We have beautiful memories will live on forever.
We have try and stay Healthy eat well and exercise & manage stress.

Take Care :pray:t5::pray:t5::innocent::hugs::latin_cross: