Lost (by Marie)

When I lost you, I lost myself too.
I feel lost and alone, and I don’t know what to do
It’s a never-ending nightmare of pain that feels like nails are being driven through my heart and then pulled out again
I know I will never get over it, but somehow I have to get through it
I take small steps through the darkness, guided by my grieving heart
Time and distance have disappeared as I’ve been torn apart
The grief road is so long as it stretches lifelong, so it’s hard to carry on and be strong
I know I will be lost until I find you, so I look for you everywhere
I know your there, I just can’t see you
Sometimes I stop and stare because I think I’ve seen you
But it’s just someone who looks like you
I look at your photos willing your eyes to give me a clue
It’s so hard to accept that I’ve lost you
I would walk endless miles through wind and rain and back again
I would climb mountains, walk through deserts and sail on stormy seas
I would walk till I fell to my knees
For every mile I would shed a tear and for every year I would endure the pain
If only I could find you again.


I think these words describe perfectly what we are going through, every line is exactly how I feel,thank you,I’m lay awake at 4 in the morning reading this,grief hurts so bad x

Absolutely lovely.Michael.

That is beautiful makes me gulp wow.

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Thank you Michael. Hope it wasn’t too sad to read,

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Everything is sad at the moment,we are all struggling with our grief and pain.Michael.