Lost contact

Sorry I lost, contact, had my phone repaired. Its 2 years, since I lost Shell. I am in a kind of lethargic phase. I need to move on, but, it’s so hard, I am okay, I think, but too many lonely nights, Love to all.


@PeteE59 hi Pete welcome back. It is hard and all we can do is the best we can. I’m still just taking one day at a time, it’s all I can do. I do hope you get some moments of peace sending hugs x

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Hi PeteE59

I saw you posted sometime ago and wanted to ask on behalf of Sue Ryder volunteers how you are. You can write as little or as often as you like as you know, but I wanted to reassure you there are good people on here who can offer support and a listening ear if you need it. I hope you are coping and send my thoughts and good wishes to you.


Thank you, for your kind thoughts, it’s 2 years on April 20th, so memories are more vivid at the moment, like most who use your wonderful service, I get through,
Thank you again x

You are very welcome Pete, I think we all like to know others are thinking of us, and I’m glad you know we are still here for you.