Lost everything

I lost everything when I lost my hubby . My future ,My plans, My world. Why did this have to happen it seems so unfair. I feel so alone. today has been expecially hard I keep crying thought I had stopped that but today I can’t stop the tears coming. I feel like harming myself just so I feel pain and know I’m still alive. I wish this would end I had someone yesterday tell me to get over it and stop living in past , but that’s all I’m got my memories and I don’t want to forget him I still love him so so much.


Hi I know how you feel . You think you are managing to get by . And then it all hits you and your back to square one . Whoever the stupid person that said that to you tell them to do one . I hate people who think they know it all but havnt got a clue . We are never ever going to get over the loss of our loved ones . We will carry them in our hearts forever . Try and stay strong . You know your husband is giving you the strength to keep going . We are all here for each other . Sending a big hug . Xtake carex


Thank you broken 2222 your kind words mean a lot. Xx


Awww am sending you a hug.

So sorry to hear about your husband.

Please try seeking some support from GP.

Don’t listen to anyone saying get over it, they have obviously not been in a position like you.

Take care Claire xxx


Thank you claire84

Don’t waste your time and energy with these people that could say that to you
They have never loss someone that they truly loved
You deserve so much more
You cry ,it’s how you are coping with your grief
I too loss my love of my life
You never get over this loss but you do come to terms with it in time
Keep talking misprint and sharing your happy memories of your husband with people that care
Sending my love


Imagine someone saying that to you, not very understanding. I don’t really tell anybody how I am so they think I’m doing well. Nobody knows until it happens to them how devastating it is.

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I get what you are saying. In the early days, and sometimes even now, I will do something to remember Joyce which I know inside will hurt me. I do it because the pain I feel is my connection to Joyce.

Whoever said get over it is an idiot and has never lost a piece of their heart. I tried to distance myself from those kinds of people after Joyce passed away.

It is true that the world we had, the world we thought we would have has been taken from us. In order to honour our partners, we forge a new life, a happy life whilst keeping them close to us.

The pain does lessen and stays around less often over time, it never really goes away, but eventually, we learn to live with our loss.

Best wishes


Hi , i know exactly how you feel . 12 months for me and not getting any easier. I was so disappointed to wake up this morning .
Love Angie xx


I am so sorry. I lost my love 7 years ago and I am still so depressed I cry all the time. I can’t help it. Everything else goes wrong health issues job losses it never ends. When I was younger I had a faith and believed in a life after this but I’ve lost it which makes me feel even worse . I would do anything just to be able to believe. I think I have gone mad. I have no family or real friends. I just wish I could have a cuddle. I do feel for you but please I beg you don’t hurt yourself If you get these feeling please phone someone. I’m told the Samaritans are excellent and will listen. I wish I could give advice but I just don’t know answers. I try to think that my love would want me to try to live a good life . Please try to be kind to yourself xxx


I’m sorry you had to feel this way, I’m in the same boat, I went to an event which was lovely except that seeing everyone so joyful and happy made the tears run so embarrassing, because I’m so sad, unhappy, I don’t think I will ever be like I use to be. It’s only been six months, everyone says try to be busy, the only way I cope is to imagine he is still here, I talk to him all the time, his pictures are all over the house, it makes me feel he is around. I don’t want to forget him. We all deal with this situation in our own way however daft, hope you find your own way. Take care. Lovely lady


Thank you every one you are all so kind . Today has bin so hard. Bless you all and hope things are ok with you all xx


Like you I’ve had a terrible day today

I can’t function properly without my wife and routine .
I agree I don’t think I will ever allow myself to get over this I was doing ok, then boom , gone .

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