Lost father in law and mother in law in last 4 weeks

We lost my father in law and mother in law in the last 4 weeks , and all got Covid in Between. The stress has been incredible. But I get through the day focusing on the children but if I have anytime alone or think I may have to speak to people I just feel I may fall apart . My husband is going through so much and I feel that being strong is slowly breaking me . Am I alone in this


Yes, in one way you are alone in this, but at the same time you are not alone in it. If you read through the posts and replies on this site you will find that many of us will know exactly what you are talking about, because we all know what it feels like to lose our loved ones.

The last 4 weeks must have been incredibly difficult for you and your husband, and also for your children. There was probably so much to deal with practically that you had hardly any time to properly grief.

Falling apart when you are grieving is nothing to be ashamed off, but I can understand that you want to be strong for your children and for your husband. Are you and him able to talk about it together and support each other, or does he find it difficult to talk about his feelings? My mother-in-law died in November, and at times it felt like I kept saying the wrong things at the wrong time to my husband! It took me a while to find the best way to be there for him. We sometimes cried together. It is not easy to find that balance between being strong when you need to be, and just being yourself when you can be.

Am thinking of you and sending a virtual hug your way.Please feel free to post as often as you want.