Lost mum and best friend in a month

Hi everyone, I am new on here and am feeling so bereft today I thought I’d share my feelings with people who will know just what a struggle some days are to cope with.
My mum and bestfriend had both been ill for a long time. My friend with cancer and my mum with a various range of life limiting health issues including heart failure, kidney failure and diabeties.
It had been hugly sad, stressful and traumatic going through this alongside them as I loved them both so much. They were my two constants in life and they my rocks and me theirs. They both past away in the last two months within a month of each other. My mum actually died the evening of my bestfriends funeral. I have had alot of support from friends and my boyfriend but I live alone with my son who is off to university in two weeks and I am overwhelmed with this feeling of utter aloneness. My boyfriend doesn’t live in my town so time with him is limited also. I just can’t stop crying today I feel absolutely heartbroken and a shell of myself.

Hi Amy, my dad was terminally ill with renal and heart failure (though it was Covid that caused his sad death), so that makes reading about the death of your mum quite personal to me, and to make it worse, your best friend also died. Your son now leaving too and you being alone at home would definitely be overwhelming, your life has changed so much within a few months, so I think you have come to the correct place, because at this forum you have people who you can talk to and who will try and help you with your grief.

Hi Abdullah, thankyou for your kind reply. I am very sorry for your loss and have huge empathy with how you must be feeling. It’s just so painful, I always thought I could understand how painful it would be to lose somebody you love when I’ve sadly watched friends and family go through this before me but I now understand on a very deep level that I actually didn’t have a clue. Thankyou again for being the first person to reach out to me, it means alot
Take care Amy xx

Many thanks for your kind words, Amy, you are totally correct, we don’t realise just how bad grief is until we experience it ourselves. It won’t be easy, we will always be sad, but hopefully, with the help of each other at this site, we will some day be able to reach the stage where we are able to cope with our grief and it doesn’t take over our whole life.

Thankyou for your support and encouraging words, I am having a particularly difficult day and these words have helped me not to feel quite so alone, thanks again and take care of yourself too x

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Amy4, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost both your Mum and your best friend. It must be particularly hard to lose both, so very close together.
I lost my Mum unexpectedly 10 months ago from pneumonia and a heart attack, so I know how raw it can feel.
People are lovely here and they do understand. Keep posting and do take care. It’s important to try to look after your health.

Hi Daffy123, thankyou for taking the time to message me. I am sorry to hear about your loss, I know you must have gone through and probably still feel a lot of pain too. I just wish I knew that this will pass, it’s so painful at times it’s unbearable. Thankyou for your support I really appreciate it, having a bad day xx