Lost mum and Dad in last 6 months

Dear everyone, mum suddenly died last July at only 72. Six months to the day I have just lost my darling dad aged 74, and again sudden death. Dads death was 7 weeks ago now and I’m struggling emotionally, constantly in tears. We didn’t grieve mum at the time as Dad had Alzheimer’s and we cared for him before having to place him in care. Then sold their property and emptied all, myself and husband. No other family support. Feeling overwhelmed with grief

Hello Clare, firstly I want to give you a warm welcome to our Online Community. I’m sorry that both your dear parents have died, leaving you feeling so overwhelmed and distressed.
From what you say, you haven’t been able to come to terms with losing your beloved Mum, as you were so involved in caring for your Dad. It is only now that you are facing your future without having either of them to talk to.
Please take your time - I hope you are able to share with your husband just how much you are struggling with your recent losses.
Hopefully you will find that others on this site have gone through similar experiences as you, and can offer you support.
With kind regards, Jackie