Lost mum on 22/12/22

My mum sadly died 3 day’s ago she had been ill for a while and was a good age sadly I didn’t make it in time to be with her. I am feeling mixture of emotions at times we didn’t always have a great relationship.we had grown closer since she had a stroke 4 years ago but it wasn’t always easy as I live four hours away. I am struggling a bit because she said no funeral just creamation with no mourners. My sister and I feel upset about this as it feels like no saying goodbye no closure. I wished we had talked-about it so she could have seen how upset family is about this I realise it was her decision also it is early days but I am struggling to come to terms with it all

So sorry for your loss if you cant have a funeral to say goodbye how about planning a wake with family and friends and say goodbye that way i know its not the same but if it was your mums wish its want she wanted . Can you have the ashes and a little service that way just an idea. Hope you can find a way to say goodbye . X


Hi Pollymay, it sounds like you have an awful lot to cope with right now. It is so very recent and my heart goes out to you. You will make the best decisions you can and remember time is a great healer, in fact I would say the only healer. Take your time and put yourself first for a while. Hopefully you will find some peace x

I lost my mum on the 19 th of December… I so feel your pain I feel so lost without her.

Thanks for your reply I have come home now it is hard knowing we have no funeral. I have left my brother in the family home as he was her carer. I feel bad as we didn’t part on the best of terms due to the lack of a funeral. At the same just going to take it a day at time. It is hard at this time of year at least we have got through Christmas. Thanks for all the replies

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Hi Pollymay
Yes its such a difficult time of year to deal with the passing of a loved one. Im hoping that the new year brings a new start and we all find new ways of coping x