Lost mum

Hi there - sending hugs and warm wishes to all on here . I’m struggling. My beloved mum died in January ( Alzheimer’s) and although I’m already pretty unwell mentally, recently I’ve had a huge escalation in anxiety and panic attacks. This makes me realise I’m not resilient and I worry I’m inadequate as a support for my dad . He will never get over his loss and I feel under pressure to be mentally well , but it isn’t happening. I miss my mum dreadfully- I am 57 so I’m thrown by this sudden step back in my MH recovery . I’m out of control and crying every day and I’m worried I’m not able to be fully present for my dad , who I love dearly. Thank you for reading . I’m not sure if this anxiety is “ normal “ but it’s certainly persistent. Love my mum so much :two_hearts:

I am so sad for you as know what it is like, I will keep you in my prayers take care and god bless

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I’m so sorry. I lost my mum last October. I’m sorry I can’t offer any advice as I’m still consumed by darkness & heartache. But I wanted to reach out to you. :broken_heart:


Thank you for your kindness xx