Lost mum

I lost my mum in April she was only ill for 6 weeks so quick and I am really struggling the longer she has gone the worse it gets


Hi Justie,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum and the fact that her illness happened so quickly will be a massive shock for you.

I understand what you mean about missing your mum
more as time goes on, I feel the same having lost my mum at the end of March to a very late cancer diagnosis when she passed only 25 days later.

It is so traumatic when we thought our mums were ok then, only a short time later, they’re gone - it’s almost too much to comprehend.

You only lost your mum in April, so it is still early days. I have found connecting with others on here to be so helpful and comforting. I just wanted to say that I understand some of how you’re feeling and that you’re not alone. Sending love x

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Hi really sorry for your loss I have one sister I am the youngest but I feel like I have to be strong for everybody else. If anybody ask how I am how do you say I’m okay I’m fine carry on as normal but really I’m struggling. I miss her so much I cry when I am on my own I know things will get better but at the minute I’m just a bit lost


That is so tough having to put a brace face on when you feel like breaking. I don’t get asked any more how I am, everyone just assumes I’m fine. I don’t know how anyone could be fine when they’ve just lost their precious mum though.

I am hoping, like you, that in time things might not be so painful. Could you maybe talk to your sister about how you’re feeling? She’s going through the same as you, so hopefully she will understand how you’re struggling x

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No my sister and niece moved back in with mum and now there looking for a house as mums has to be sold so at the minute it’s all about them and my husband thinks I am strong and we are moving on x

Justie, I lost my mum too in April, the longer time goes on, the harder it’s getting, I still can’t believe she is gone, its the worst pain ever, take care of yourself, I’m here if you want to talk.

Thank u for your message so sorry for your loss it’s really tough and it’s so true the longer there gone the harder it is am here if u need to talk too

Thankyou justie . It’s good to talk

I’m sorry to hear that, your pain is still very raw for people to think you are moving on. Would you consider speaking to a councillor about how you’re feeling?

It is so difficult when others around you don’t seem to understand the torment you’re experiencing. I know that feeling only too well unfortunately.

Keep posting on here anytime you feel you need support or just want to get your thoughts out there, always here to listen x