Lost my best friend my mum

Looking for help. I suddenly lost me mum in August I was only 27 years old and feel so cheated as not only that I had my first born baby in the June which was my mums first grandchild and she was only 7 weeks old when my mum died. I really feel someone has just come and stamped on my life and completely tainted what should be the best time of my life. My whole pregnancy me and my mum were attached at the hip going shopping and getting baby bits and she was there for me during the birth with my partner and the first hard few weeks she came and stayed but she was in her element she loved being a nan. After she died I read her text messages and she was sending messages to all friends and family saying she’s so excited to be a nan and been waiting for this moment for so long and I can’t help but get so upset this was cruelly taken from her its not fair she was such a good person would be there for anyone and everyone. Some family members want nothing to do with me my brother sister and my dad and feel they are so vile they didn’t offer support or anything I feel her funeral for them was to get a day off work they didn’t love her if they did they would love her children at least see if we are OK. It really hurts and feel I will never get over it.

I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Having a small child is emotional and tough and amazing and an experience you just want to share with your Mum. I am so sorry that no words I say will be able to take away the pain you are feeling but just remember how proud you made her, all those texts she was sending to hee friends were because she loved you and was bursting with pride. I am so sorry you are having to go through this and just hope you have found some support x x x

Thank you so much for your reply as funnily enough a week before she died she said she was really proud of me it was as if she knew. It is I feel so cheated I don’t get to spend this time with her and I have to take my daughter to see my partners mum and dad and hear them saying nanny constantly where my mum was the person who helped me through my pregnancy as I had quite a few scares and helped in every way she could she threw me the most amazing baby shower and I just remember the excitement on her face when we looked through all the baby stuff I received as gifts from friends and family. This hurts so much and my boyfriend is amazing but he keeps saying I don’t know what to say I’ve never been through this before is a phrase that really really annoys me :frowning: xx

I feel our stories are so similar its scary! My mum passed in august 2017 when i was 22, i had given borth to my first child, her first grandson 7 weeks before she passed. He was born 10 weeks early like he knew he needed to be here! I feel your pain, we was best friends like we was joined at the hip. Nothing and noone can compre to your mum. And knowing that piece of your heart is forever missing. Life goes on but unfortunately it doesnt get any better. I hope you find the strength for your little one just like i did.
Im new to this site, but if theres a way to private message then i will always reply if you need to talk, or would like to just chat about anything.
Youre not alone x

Wow our stories sound so similar it’s scary! I have tried to private message you as I am new to this site also hope it worked. X

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