Lost my Dad and feel like I won't get through this

I lost my Dad suddenly on 25 Feb. My parents were divorced and I’ve always been closer to my Dad than my sister. I feel so lost and sad and can’t stop thinking I should have seen him more, done more to help and regret all the things I can never say to him. We can’t even arrange a funeral as he is with coroner. I feel like my life will never feel normal again and I feel so anxious and in physical pain
I have support around me but it feels like the pain is getting worse rather than better


I lost my dad in June, it wasn’t sudden, but still very upsetting. I still feel that I’m grieving & like you physically in pain. It’s so difficult, but I find comfort in telling myself it’s normal. When my partner died it took at least a year to feel physically normal again (I’d been to the doctor for so many tests as I really thought I was ill, but they just put it down to grief.) I don’t know how long it will take, but you will feel like yourself again. Take care of yourself xx

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I agree, you are still in the very earliest stages of grief .For the time being you need to suspend normal thoughts if you can and just focus on getting through each day . You’ll never forget your dad , but the loss will get more manageable as time passes I do speak from experience , as we all do on here . Get some counselling, find something distracting if you can . When the funeral takes place that should help, not much , but a bit , on the path back to being able to cope . My thoughts are with you .