Lost my dad at the beginning of April

I’ve felt a big switch in the last couple of weeks friends have stopped messaging or mentioning my dad it feels like everyone just expects me to get on with it as though nothing has happened. Even my fiancee had started asking why I’m upset when I get that way when at the start he just understood. I felt numb up until about a week or 2 ago and now it feels like I need more support and everyone just seems to think I’m fine. When I can’t stop thinking about him and waiting for him to come home


I lost my dad the beginning of April and because of this bubble we are all in I feel like when we go back to normal everyone will just think I’m over it and the truth is I don’t even think I’ve started my grieving. My friends ask if I’m ok but there’s no mention of what’s happened. I’m scared that I’m gonna come down with a huge bang. I’m sorry for your loss and wish I could offer you advice but I don’t have any answers in all of this because I’m not dealing with anything myself :broken_heart:

Hi to you both, sorry but I don’t think there is any answers. Everyone was nice after my soulmate went and then it’s as though he wasn’t here. Somedays I would just like to talk to someone about him but there’s no one there. I have said so often that we don’t talk about death or grieving, so why do we expect people who haven’t felt the pain to know. We should just tell them “sorry but I don’t feel fine, in fact I want to sit down and have a good cry, will you let me”. Perhaps after this horrible virus we may find more people willing to talk. The pain, the sadness, the waiting for them to walk back in is all normal and everyone on here has had that pain. Please always remember tomorrow is another day and one day you will feel better but never the same old you. I am a volunteer on here because I too have had and still have that pain. Please take extra care of yourselves and yes let others know it doesn’t go away totally, they say it’s the price we pay for knowing that love. Blessings S

Thank you susie your words mean a lot. This group is really helping me understand. I’ve lost loved ones before but I didn’t think I would lose a parent so soon. Many thanks again

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Take care.

Yes, same, people expect you to be over it!!!

My Dad passed away in April, he had lung cancer and then picked up Covid. TBH the Cancer took him as they had told me 6 months from Oct when he picked up pneumonia, but his death certificate had CV19 as the cause of death.
I honestly don’t know how I feel, whilst typing this I am welling up, but when it comes to my ‘Pop’s’

I totally understand how you feel. Seeing Covid19 and thinking you may have had more time is horrible. Plus the fact that Covud19 is everywhere and we have a constant reminder all the time. I called my dad Pop’s :cry:I muss and think about him all day. I’ve just returned to work in a hospital we’re he passed away. I wasn’t there. I’d like to say the usual like you will be ok and and it will get easier, but I’m not feeling that myself. I’m here if you need to vent and try and get through each day at a time :broken_heart: