Lost my dad in May.

Hi everyone. I’m new here. My dad died in May. I lost my mum 3 years ago to cancer.
I miss them both.
My other half is not very supportive. I’m grieving. He just goes on about my weight. I’m trying to eat sensibly. I’m not in the right frame of mind at the moment to diet strictly. It’s hard enough having to get through each day at work.
Your thoughts please.

Hello Rochelle, sorry to hear about your dad. Mine died in May as well. There are some lovely people here who I’m sure will lend their thoughts.

Mine would be why on earth would he be so insensitive?

Awe Rochelle, I genuinely understand what ur feeling. My husband thought that once my Mums funeral was over, that life would go back to normal…its very difficult for anyone to understand, unless theyve actually been through it.(His parents are alive and well, thank God). What i had to do with my husband was being him with me to my doctor. Once he heard it from someone else, he srarted to listen. Hope tbis helps.x

Hello Rochelle so sorry to hear about your mum, my father passed away in september from dementia and yes i miss him terribly, grieving can come and go, what helps me is talking about my pops thinking about all the good times we had but as we know we have the dark moments that bring us back to reality again doesnt it, rochelle it does help having very supportive family and friends , your partner is being selfish and im sorry about that, i would put a grieving leaflet near him so hopefully he can read and try to u understand what you are feelin, some of my friends lost their mum or dad in the same year so it helps me to talk to them also, do you have any friends similar? Be kind to yourself and do what makes you happy. Hope this helps

Hi. Rochelle.
So often those close to us don’t seem to understand how we feel. It wasn’t his dad who died. Compassion is very difficult for some people, and empathy is almost non existent. But it’s often the case that they just don’t have words to meet the circumstances, so they ‘cop out’ by changing the subject, like your weight. I suggest you forget the weight problem for the moment, you have enough to deal with without that too. Of course, eat sensibly, but at the moment your feelings are raw.
Going to work, trying to establish a routine is so difficult. Our thoughts keep coming back to our loss. I suggest you let the thoughts come. Don’t try not to think them, they will pop up anyway.
Take care and take it easy. Try and be kind to yourself.

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