Lost my dad

Hi guys,
I’m new here my parents went away at the end of August last year to Spain via coach so two day travel there stop over in Paris, then 5 days there and then two day travel back. During the holiday he was in the bar and needed the toilet and he descended the marble stairs the staff turn the lights off and he fell and split his head open. Stapled it sent him out my mam took him back the next day as they haven’t even X-ray him anyway 3 broken rib and his holiday was over spent the rest of the tome in his room. On arriving back to the UK we took him straight to hospital were he was placed in an induced coma and died. This has had a major impact on me as I was a daddies girl. 7 month on still haven’t registered death as it’s in the hand of the coroner. I tried to seek help but have not heard and then I was given you site.

Hi Joanne
What an awful time you have been through. I’m so sorry. Its especially hard when they are in perfect health and suffer an accident and die. This community is great and I’m pleased you have found us. My dad had a sudden heart attack in bed 21 years ago and died instantly. Last june my mum went to hospital for a 1 hour operation but died of a sudden brain haemorrhage in the recovery room even though the operation went great.
Its life changing when you lose a parent. And it’s even harder when you arent able to get on with things like registering the death because of protocol. My next door neighbour died 10 months ago during surgery and they have only just registered the death because it was with the coroner so your situation is common unfortunately.
7months is still early days. Keep talking to your family and friends and of course on this site. Lots of us have lost a parent and get alot of comfort here.
Cheryl x

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Hi Joanne, yes, welcome and hope you find many on here who have had this horrible wait to just move things on. Personally I don’t understand why it takes so long but with the virus it is going to take even longer. Such tragic circumstances and when they went away fit and well makes harder for your brain to comes to terms with the situation. Grief is one of those undefinable things, it causes lots of unset because we don’t know how, when or what it will do to us and it takes time to learn to life with it and to be able to have strategies to deal with it. Time will pass and life will move on but your love for your father will always be there. Be kind to yourself and to your mother because she must also be going through hell. Helping each other is all you can do and be there for her. Blessings S

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