lost my dad

I lost my dad on Monday and I feel completely devasted. I have two brothers who seem to be coping much better than me. I saw him being given CPR and announced dead. I cannot get the image out of my head and feel completely numb and cant cry, I feel guilty that i am not crying .

Hi sarahp
I’m sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your dad so very recently.
Ive lost both parents suddenly and my dad died very young from a heart attack at home. I watched frozen to the spot as my mum tried to give CPR.
It was 22 years ago now but you never get over it.
It’s very very early days for you. Please be kind to yourself. You will be in shock still.
Try and get some sleep and eat and drink
I got alot of help from my doctor in the first few months.
Cheryl x

thank you.

I’m so sorry that must have been awful and you will defo be in shock!! I also lost my dad on Monday and I can’t believe it. I’m hoping time will help but I’m going to see if I can get any sleeping tablets from my GP as I can’t eat or sleep

Hi penny7,

I’m sorry that you also lost your dad on monday. I just wanted to say that when my mum died 16months ago I was prescribed 10 sleeping tablets from my GP to get me through the first few days.
I only ended up taking 6 of them and have recently thrown the other 4 away. The 6 I took really helped me get some much needed sleep for a week so that I could try and deal with what had happened.
People often advise others to stay away from sleeping tablets but they were a godsend to me.
Cheryl x

Hi Cheryl thank you. My GP has prescribed diazepam 2mg and I did get a better sleep last night thankfully.

That’s good. The important thing is to only take them very short term to avoid becoming dependant.
I still dont sleep well but accept this now

My mum died very suddenly 2 weeks ago. I don’t live with my parents but got a panicked call from my dad and rushed there. When I arrived the paramedics were working on her. Only briefly saw her head and all the commotion around her doing cpr. I then sat in the living room hearing the paramedics and the machine basically saying no pulse. It was all very traumatic so I understand how you feel. You just then go numb as you’re told they are gone. Then you wait for the police etc and it’s the worst day of your life.
Know you’re not alone here and it’s comforting to talk to people who really understand you. You’re probably still in shock and it might be a while before the tears come. There’s no right or wrong way to deal with this, so don’t beat yourself up. Be kind to yourself

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