Lost my dad

Hi all

I’m new here I recently lost my Dad, he was 59 and I am 29. I was close to my dad however since my nan died 2 years ago my dad went into a deep depression I couldn’t get him out of, he ended up being sectioned and then having a cardiac arrest leaving him physically and mentally disabled I often thought to myself he would be better off out, but now that he’s not here I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m grieving my dad that I had 2 years ago, not the man I knew for the past two years which makes it all that more confusing. Do any of you know of bereavement groups that you can attend in person I know this is something that can help me? Anyway, we’re all here because we lost some one sending lots of love to you all

Gemma x

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Dear Gemma carry on having good thoughts about your father.
Sleep well tonight.

Hi Gemma

I’m very sorry for your loss. My dad died 2 years ago, aged 66. Like your dad he never got over the death of his mum and when I was 16 he developed depression and schizophrenia. He made good recovery years later but was not the man he once was. I struggled with depression and anxiety and my counsellor made me realise I was grieving for the man my dad was. However when I actually lost my dad the grief was like nothing I’d ever felt before. It will get easier with time Gemma xxx

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Was really nice to read your message, there’s loads of people who have lost their dads however I find it hard to find someone who lost their dad due to their dad mental health and not getting over the loss of their mum so I appreciate your message so much and I am sorry for what you would have gone through with your dad too xx I feel really guilty I couldn’t fix him x