Lost my Dad

I lost my Dad on December 1st 2021. The pain of losing him just seems to be getting worse. I can be fine, cracking on with my day then it dawn’s on me I will never see my Dad again. Even going to see my mother doesn’t help because she gets upset talking about him where as it brings me comfort.
Feel like I am so alone without my dad, he was my hero , protector and friend. I have a partner who does his best but all I can say when he asks what he can do is… bring my dad back…which I know he can’t
I need help and don’t know where to start…I would welcome death just so I could see my dad right now ( but I ain’t suicidal if that makes sense)
Thanks for listening xx


Hi @Lostangel I saw your post and had to reply, I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad, My heart really does go out to you :heart:. I lost my dad 5 years ago to lung cancer, I feel your pain and sadness I really do! I dont think we ever get over this grief I think we learn to live along side it if that makes sense? It just becomes abit more manageable. I’d like to share something with you if I may that I think you may find helpful. Just know its ok not to be ok and that you are not alone and please feel free to message back. An again I’m so sorry for your loss. Lorraine xx

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Hi @Lostangel
I am so sorry for your loss! My heart breaks for you - I lost my Dad almost 10 years ago. Reading your words took me back, as I can really relate to every word.
In all honesty, it’s something you never “get over” - It’s so very fresh. I’m always a message away if you need someone to talk to - most important thing to remember is, you’re not alone. Thinking of you during this difficult time xx

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Hello … I two lost my day two years ago. He had leukemia, early stages, and reassure us he would be ok , just taking tablets. But what comes with leukemia is a low immune system and unfortunately he went to the doctors, who didn’t do any normal checks on him ( blood pressure and temperature) sent him to wait for a blood test on the Monday. Leaving him all weekend . He developed sepsis , which was missed a t the hospital due to a junior doctor. And sadly passed away .
Every day it hurts so much and like you guys just want him back. We have to carry on with normal life but all I want to do is be by myself. As much as I talk, because I do talk. Its constantly there in my head. The sadness, the anger. I’m not the same person I was.
Sending love to you all

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