Lost my dad

I lost my dad over a year ago on 27.4.16 I will never be the same again. He went to work and had a sudden heart attack and never came home. The grief is awful, constantly there and although I have work and young children I can’t help but feel so sad he isn’t here to see the kids or Be with my mam and me and my sisters anymore. he was such a big influence and a constant source of good advice. I’m so angry with people some days and then don’t want to talk about it the next day, it’s so hard knowing when you wake up it isn’t a bad dream! It’s comforting reading other people’s stories and realising everything I feel is normal. Xxxx

Think it’s totally normal but doesn’t. She it easy! I used to think I was going mad! My dad died suddenly to 9 weeks ago I go through a range of emotion frequently sorry for your loss there is good support on here xxx

Make it easy sorry for typo!

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