Lost my dad


I have never joined anything like this before but I have felt the need to. 4 weeks ago I lost my dad, he had an operation that went wrong and unfortunately passed away after many weeks of him trying to recover in ICCU. I was fortunate to be by his side when he passed but I was alone and those last 24 hrs with him were utterly traumatic. Some people try to tell me I should feel comforted with the fact I got to be by his side … which in a way I am but at the same time all I remember are the sounds, smells and visuals of the room he passed away in. I live quite far away from my dad and spent the weeks prior travelling so much to see him with my 6 month old left at home too. I have kept busy planning the funeral and sorting his bungalow out , probate etc … I feel like I have had no time to process him passing. I cried so much during the weeks travelling to see him and the day he did pass that I feel I have ran out of tears. The funeral was yesterday and I felt so emotional but I couldn’t cry as I felt empty inside. I have a lovely support network at home but at times I just put a brave face on.


Hi, you’ve experienced a devastating shock losing your Dad and everything is very raw for you at present. Expect to feel a mass of emotions ranging from guilt, anger and despair. All normal in the face of grief. Everyone goes through their own responses though, so don’t worry about timelines or expectations. You’ll get through it your own way. Take the time, use all the support around you and accept that it will be hard. This forum is full of posts from people who have experienced loss of their loved ones. It can be helpful to read through so that you know you aren’t alone. Take care xx

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