Lost my Dad

I lost my Dad in March and am struggling with the loss


@Jo_Shenty hey, i lost my dad in may, life is so different now, the loss is deep inside me, and it hurts so so much, it feels like a life time since i heard his voice, or hugged him. Hopefully at some point this hurt will become less?

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@Clarzie78 thats exactly how I feel. I can’t imagine never seeing him ever again. My heart is broken, they say time heals but I can’t imagine ever feeling ‘normal’ again. I feel a piece of me has passed away too. He was my entire world. We had such a special relationship, thinking of you and sending a big hug xx

Hi @Jo_Shenty , I lost my Dad in April to lung cancer. I was and am a total Daddy’s girl and we were very close. I didn’t see him often as he lived one end of the country and I the other but we spoke daily. I am finding it very difficult to describe the loss I am feeling. I lost my mum 10 years ago and felt that I could verbalise that so much better. I really can’t believe I will never speak to him again:(

Looks like we we’re all proud Daddys girls, i saw my Dad daily more so the last 4 months when he was really poorly. But before that when he was fit and active he’d come to see me everyday. He was diagnosed with Alzheimers 4 years ago which progressed quite quickly late last summer then at the end of November he had 2 strokes resulting in him being in hospital for 5 weeks then moved to a care home in our town, he needed 24 hour care which Mum just couldnt give. The care home were really good with him and us, we were made really welcome. Dad settled well and didnt once ask to come home, which we we’re relieved about, he really did take it in his stride, i was and still am so proud of him. Bless him xx

@Jo_Shenty I too lost my Dad in March & over the past months I feel I’ve been battered by every emotion going. I keep thinking, what if I forget what he sounded like. His mannerisms, his unique perspective on life :wink: as Dad’s do lol. I know how you’re feeling. Something will forever be missing from our lives & I struggle with that. It’s why I come here, to be with people who understand that loss. I hope we’ll all be ok. X

@Cee I’m exactly the same, the last video I have of him is less than 2 weeks before he passed and he mumbled more than actually spoke then, i listen to it regularly to hear his voice. Its so hard, this is such a good place to share your feelings with others who are experiencing the same, big hugs to you xx

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Its so comforting talking to you all, you all understand the feelings i have, its a bad day today :pensive: i miss dad so much it hurts, i went to mums yesterday and sprayed some of dads aftershave on a hankie, it was so soothing…i just miss every single thing about him. We will be ok eventually, and remember to always talk…xx

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Yes talking and sharing experiences does help @Clarzie78 we’re all going through it xx