Lost my dad

Hello everyone, I lost my dad who was my best friend to liver cancer on the 3/11/2018.
I visited nearly every day and am missing him more than words can say. I tell myself there are a lot of people much worse off than me. Things just aren’t the same, life seems empty somehow. Just miss his words of wisdom and his love.

Hi Jay,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad. I don’t think you need to compare your deep pain to anybody else’s - it’s terrible for you. I know I watched my kids go through hell when my husband died. I think that emptiness we feel is the hole left by that person. in time, I hope you’ll come to know that your dad’s love and words of wisdown are enduring gifts that you will always be able to draew on.

Take care, won’t you?

Louise xo


Thank you Louise for the kind words x

Hi Jay l lost my dad too,with liver cancer October 2016.and lm still struggling some days are terrible, the pain is the worse l miss my dad so so much it’s the massive whole that is left l will never get over loosing him,the pain at times is unbearable, x

Thank you, nice to know I’m not alone in missing my Dad x

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Just so strange not having him with me over Christmas x

Hello. I lost my Dad suddenly at the end of September. It was totally unexpected and it’s been so tough since we lost him. 3 months in I still find it so hard to believe. Like a bad dream. Every morning I wake up and have to remind myself he has died and it is true but all my memories of him are of a man who was so alive, up until the day he died. Christmas has been horrible without him (despite me having young children who lifted our spirits) and I am dreading New Year as I don’t want to move into a year which he is not in. At least, he was alive in 2018. I feel your pain. It’s so overwhelming and all consuming, I wonder how I’ll keep going. But we do keep going, and I think all we can do is take one day at a time. Sending big hugs x

Hi Maggie
Thanks for replying, I hope your new year wasn’t too bad. I too still can’t believe my dad has really gone. Waking up and remembering he’s gone is very hard I agree . Never hearing his voice again or seeing him smile will take a lot of getting used to. Take care and big hugs from me to you x

Hi Jay. I condolences for your loss. I lost my dad exactly 1 year ago to head,throat and neck cancer, it had also spread to his liver. I am a single parent to my 13 year old son who helped me care for him as he had supposedly been given the all clear. He then died 5 days later in a hospice. There was only me my dad and son as we have no other family. All I can say is take each day as it comes and try to think of the good times. I miss my dad every day and will never get over it, but that’s ok he will always be with you. All the best Mia

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