Lost my daughter

Yesterday my beautiful daughter passed away. Its not right when your child goes before you. Even if your child suffers mentally, you try to do your best and help them have a happy life.

The pain you feel as a parent is so strong. I keep being sick and crying. I don’t know how l am going obexist without her. She was my best friend.

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So very sad and I feel so sorry for you. You have been very brave to come onto the site and then write your story. There are many posts on here who’s story is similar but right now you may not want to read them. You can come on here anytime and I know from my own experience that it helps. Things will improve but you are right we shouldn’t lose a child no matter what age. Please be careful of your own health both physical and mentally. My blessings are sent to you with big hugs. xxx

Thank you Susie
I am talking to my daughter’s best friend about setting up a foundation for her as she suffered from schizophrenia.

That is such a lovely idea, there’s very little help and support so that’s brilliant. As I said before, you must also be careful and look after yourself, that’s very important in what could be classed as normal times but even more so at present. xxx

It has been over a month since my daughter died. Her funeral is on Monday. It has been so hard waiting so long to put her to rest. On a positive side l did not realise how loved she was. I have been supported by her friends so much.

This site is a great help. It makes me realise that all the thoughts l have, wanting to with her, the awful bitting pain of grief are a natural reaction to losing someone who love dearly.

At the funeral l am going to give all both people there a indoor or outdoor plant from Laura my daughter. I am trying to be strong as l have a son and partner who l love dearly .

I just love your name, it describes me :thinking:
Yes to know that the pain that you feel is normal is such a positive feeling, until then you think you’re going crazy and the rest of the world is ok but there’s a lot of people in pain from grief but we don’t tell others, sad.
I think your idea of a plant is a lovely thought and I am sure she would approve. It’s great to hear that you are getting support from her friends and long may it continue. Grieving is hard and dose take many different forms so please take care and on Monday I will be thinking of you and sending you blessings. Sxx

Thank you Susie,
Some of the people are grieving for more than one member of their family. Its so sad.

It was comforting chosing the funeral music. Laura loved walruses. The 1st song will l am the walrus by the beatles. I hope it will lighten the feel of the day. x