Lost my fiancée of 2 years

So I lost my fiancée suddenly 2 months ago. I didn’t have space at that time to grieve her as her father from overseas came and was determine to kick me out of the house along with her (my fiancées) dog even tho I had nowhere to go. I took legal action against him and as payback he denied me entry to her cremation service which made grieving extremely harder. I’m still I the house which is also where she passed away and I’m not coping at all. Every day feels as bad if not worse than the previous day I have no one that can understand me the only person who could comfort me is gone and I just want her back.

Hi Vico 1003, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your fiancée, what you have been through in the last 2 months is just awful, not much wonder you haven’t been able to grieve properly, I am so pleased you still have her dog, as animals are a great comfort, if I’m being charitable, I suppose her Dad was also grieving for his daughter, but his behaviour towards you was absolutely not acceptable, it is early days and you just have to take a day at a time, try and get out for a walk with the dog every day, fresh air and exercise do help, I hope you will get some comfort from this site, as there are other people who have gone through what you are going through now, sending love Jude x

I know people grieve in different ways but there is a difference between grief and greed and her father is in the second category as he put in more effort to find all her finances and get her house ready for sale than what he did to arrange her funeral which was cheap as possible. I’ve been back at work and I walk him when I can being in the house as it has so many memories plus she passed away there and I found her doesn’t help but I’ve lost the will to do things. I try to take every day as it comes but the fact that she isn’t here anymore makes even that impossible.