Lost my husband 1 week ago

I lost my husband 1 week ago. He died suddenly at home. He was only 59. I don’t how I am going to cope without him as we were together 22 years and married nearly 7. Every seems pointless. I only have my brother that is helping me and my husband family live away. They have telephoned me but I feel so alone


I am so sorry for your loss as you must be heartbroken. I lost Ian 47 weeks ago yesterday and I remember being in complete shock so I expect you must be too.
This site has been my life saver and so I’m so pleased you have found us . Here you will always find people who will listen to you, support you and offer words of comfort.

It’s such early days for you so you must not expect too much of yourself. If you need to cry or scream just do it!!

It must be so hard for you with such little support at such an awful time, so just take each day as it comes and try not to think too much about the future.

Remember, we are all here for you.

X Julie


This is a tough journey and you are so recently bereaved your pain must be immense I lost my husband 14 weeks ago the only advice I can give you is to know grief is normal if extremely painfull and plays cruel tricks on you all you ca n do is push through try very hard to look after your health needs eating bathing and sleeping and do not beat yourself up you have done the best thing possible today and joined the forum thinking of you and my dearest sympathy xxxx


It’s now been over 2 weeks since my husband died. The loneliness is hard to cope with even if I am with people. I hate seeing couples.


So sorry for your loss Just take your time be kind to yourself what you are feeling is perfectly normal and it’s very early days so don’t expect to much of yourself. I won’t say it will get better but you will find that you manage those feelings differently as the weeks and months go by. It’s normal to feel angry ,hurt and frustrated as you see people getting on with their lives and yours has stood still and feels so empty. Talk to family about how you are feeling , see if your GP can help or perhaps Cruse or Sue Ryder’s counselling services might help you through those feelings too
Take care x