Lost my husband a year ago this week

Hello all, I am new to this site , I too lost my husband through suicide a year ago on Friday, I am still in complete shock, I’m still not eating or sleeping properly and really starting to struggle, is there anyone who can give me any advise on how to get through the first anniversary please ? Thank you x

I am here as I lost my parents so I do not know about your special kind of terrible loss. But I would highly recommend a support group for suicide survivors as I would imagine you are suffering a special kind of shock.

Attending a support group for grief helped me considerably as I was with people who were just like me. They are the only ones who completely understand what you are going through.

One year is not much time considering what you have suffered. It takes a long time to heal, if one ever really does. And as you are suffering physical symptoms, your doctor should be addressing those as well.

You cannot cope mentally if you suffer physically. I suffered a lot in the two years after I lost my mom and dad. Maybe some sleeping pills to start, just for a time. Best :slight_smile:

Hi, so sorry to hear of your loss and circumstance. My girlfriend recently passed away from terminal cancer and i too have struggled with key dates…particulary in the first few months. All i can say is that on those days i tried to surround myself with people i knew family etc. It was ok to think of her which was of course heartbreaking and still is but trying to focus on life and what she would want me to do. I know this is much easier said than done but it gave me a little comfort.

day by day as every day the pain of loss is differntt ,talking has helped and i am also going for counciling,i cry every day lost my little girl aged 11,then six weeks later i lost my best friend and my rock ,my mum,my pain running to two graves is a pain i want to get rid of but i go day by day,trying to be strong,but some days the grief is to much ,but you have to luck after yourself.

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