Lost my husband

Last month I lost my husband after 36 years together, he has not been well for a while, but was taken ill suddenly and died at hospital before they could operate on him,. I am really struggling to come to terms with his death, even after the funeral i just cannot concentrate on any thing i feel so lonely and depressed, do thing gets better x


Hello Jules, I am pleased you have found the community because we all know exactly how you are feeling and we are all to support and cherish you. We don’t talk about grief or grieving so when it happens to us it’s a total unknown and for many it’s the first time we have been on our own for a long time. Take it slowly and be kind to yourself because at present you are very vulnerable both physically and mentally, so please be careful. We are all here for you. Sending big hugs and blessings.
S xxx


Hi Jules,
Early days for you. Take each day as it comes just now, do what feels right for you. You will learn to adjust but it’s not going to happen overnight.
I’d like to share a saying:
It’s almost like you’re standing in the sea as a child -
One minute it’s really calm and the next minute a massive wave just comes and takes you out.

G. Xx


Thank you for you kind and supportive word’s, at this most difficult time in mine and families lives, i hope I can navigate this new path in a positive way and not lose my self completely to the grief that’s is on my Heart :heartpulse:

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