Lost my husband

I lost my husband after being married for nearly 54 years. I was his caregiver. He had Alzheimer’s, COPD and most recently, mestatic prostate cancer which had spread to nearly every bone in his body. He rarely complained and always seemed to worry about me more than himself. I feel like my heart is breaking without him being with me. I wish I could be mad at him then I might not miss him so much. Will the pain I’m feeling for his loss ever get better?


@DMsad I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear husband. It is very early days. After I lost my wife of 47 years in October 2022 the physical and emotional pain was overwhelming and beyond anything I could ever had imagined. I have to say the feelings of sadness and loss and emotional pain remain much the same but the physical pain has eased. Many on here describe the roller coaster of emotions which can suddenly overwhelm you without warning and the triggers in everyday life that can set you off no matter how long you have been grieving. We are all here in this new life none of us wants but we are here to support each other. Love and hugs xx.


As you read through the posts you will see you are not alone. l lost my darling only in November after 51 years, and l hurt every day, but this site gives me some comfort to know that there are others who know exactly what lm going through. l cry with you and for you.


I lost my husband of 52 years in Aug 2022, every day is different. Some kinder than others, but this site allows us all to just be us without judgement .
I send you love, be kind to yourself and take your time, this is all so hard .
I hope that in time, we will all have brighter days and that we find our peace xxx


DMsad all of us are heartbroken. You will find comfort and support here. I’d been married to my beloved husband for 59 years. He had Alzheimer’s and dementia, so I lost him bit by bit, like you. The end is no easier though is it.

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I’m so sorry you have the need for this group but having found it you will, I’m sure, find much support and reassurance.
The early days of loss are such a trauma that your mind and body can do the strangest things. The disbelief that this can have happened can be all consuming and I think people often find that they seem to feel the pain more keenly when they start to accept the reality of it.

One great bit of advice I was given is that whatever you are feeling at any time is now you are meant to be feeling, in other words, there is no road map we can follow and we will all do things differently but that’s ok.

Sending you love and support.
Karen xxx

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Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I really appreciate them

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Thank you so much for your support. We all need this so much

We were married 53 years and I miss the happier days but I felt our love was still strong still the end. I’ll pray that both of us find peace through this process. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done
Hugs and prayers

Thank you so much

@DMsad You are welcome. You had the added burden of having to care for your husband before he passed and watching your loved one go is itself traumatic. I suffer my grief for my wife not being with me to share life with us and because I miss her so much. I am coming to accept these aspects of grief. I have not come to terms with watching her die gradually in front of me and I’m not sure when this will start to ease. All of this throws up emotions and makes day to day life difficult. Post when you need, we all need help here and we can all help each other. Love and hugs xx

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Yes. We need to help each other through this. I still can’t believe she’s gone but strangely I’m comforted by talking to people like you who are going through the same thing and understand how I feel. This group will be good for us. :heart:

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