Lost my husband

I lost my husband 27 weeks ago, it was sudden with no signs, I’m really struggling still he was only 51, I feel very vulnerable and have the most awful sad down days.


lost my wife less than 7 weeks ago and I absolutely know what you mean. been very frightened about everything today for the first time.

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Hi lynn I also lost my husbAnd in November last year suddenly at home it was the most horrible time I’ll ever have it’s natural to feel sad and on your own I had some really dark thoughts and I know it’s selfish but I cannot wait to be with him again I fing that texting his phone with all that I’m feeling helps me I wish I could tell you it gets easier but it hasn’t for me yet but your husband and mine are always with us not in the way we’d like them to be but there there this site has helped me no end cus everyone on here are going through the same pain so you can say how you really feel thing you wouldn’t nesaseraly want your family to here I’m so sorry for your loss sending you big hugs

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Thankyou, same with me it was the worst day of my watching him stop breathing, I just wish it got easier I feel like I’ve been left behind


I’m so sorry for your loss, iam also frightened about the future, and get very anxious and panicky.

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@Lynne11 I’m so sorry that your husband has died.

My Chris died in October, only 25 days after being diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. He had just turned 59 and I now find myself all alone at 46.

Every day is a struggle but I cope by taking it one day at a time, sometimes hour by hour. I miss him, I miss us and I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore.

I too feel vulnerable and ever so lonely but I keep pushing through each day to keep his memory alive, to keep our love alive. It is hard but my friends have been and continue to be really supportive.

Please keep posting how you feel, rant, rave and scream. We all know how brutal it is to lose the one you love.


Thankyou. Its nice to speak to someone that understands, I know it’s sound funny but I don’t feel safe anymore.

It seems that most, if not all of us on here feel unsafe following the loss of our soulmates.

For me, it’s not that I feel unsafe at home, or when I go shopping, it’s feeling unsafe for the future, all plans and dreams gone, I no longer have my person - the one who made me feel like I could do anything as I had his support and love.

I used to be so confident, never anxious or scared but now I’m all those and more.

I can’t seem to make decisions and even though friends do try and help it’s when they say “Do what you think is best for you” - I feel like screaming as I don’t know what’s best anymore.

The world we know is tipped on its head and it’s a world that feels like it has no joy anymore.

I wish none of us had to go through this.


It’s natural to feel unsafe I feel that too but it’s because we’ve never had to be on our own we’ve always had our husbands protection and without them we feel Threatened but we just have to carry on one step at a time we have to live so they can live through us lynn your not alone you have all of us on here if you ever need to chat cry rant or rave there’s always someone here to listen to you it’s a horrible time we’re going through and people who haven’t lost a partner just don’t get it the way people who have do so don’t feel afraid and alone because your definitely not wishing you all the best and again I’m so sorry your going through this sending big hug x


BobY I’m so sorry about your wife I also lost my husband it’s such a cruel world we live in I know what your going through is tuff going it is for many of us I hope you can find some solace in this community it’s really helped me a lot I’ve had some really dark bad thoughts and I’ve said to many on here I know it’s being selfish but I can’t wait to be with my husband again I know there with us bob just not in the way we’d like sending you big hugs so sorry your having to go through this xx


Im so so sorry for your loss… my husband died in January just 47… im broken-hearted its so hard isn’t it and frightening thinking of how to get through this .

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