Lost my love

Well into the 4th week of counseling. Does it help? Yes I think it does if only knowing I can speak to someone in total confidence and that they are not emotionally involved. My life feels strange. Like I’m above watching a film. Like it’s a dream I will wake up from. I’m trying to fill my days and have started quite a few new activities. I know I’ve got to interact with other people which I do but I feel like a zombie. I volunteer at our library. I go to a yoga class I invigilate at our local academy. ButI don’t feel anything. I’m numb. I don’t laugh or cry I don’t get angry. I have no emotions at all. I’m now in the process of doing power of attorney to make life easier for my two boys but it’s only bringing it home even more that I’m alone. I don’t cry and never have. Tony died in Februaryvand I still feel stunned by it. Altho as you get older you wonder how it will end it still grabs you by the throat and says get on with that !! I just think every day is one day less I have to cope without him. Together since we were 18 for 60 years.


Dear @lostmylove

Thank you for sharing a moving and emotional post, I am sorry to hear of the loss of your husband.

Counselling can be of a big help, and I am pleased to hear it is working for you. You are very positive by getting on with life by getting out and getting involved with activities, this is a big step and will be of encouragement to people on here.

There is a Grief Guide which you may find of help to you as it explores your emotions and feelings along with helping you understand and cope with your bereavement and grief.

Please continue to reach out, you are not alone, and we are all here to support you.

Take care.