Lost my lovely husband

We had 16 years together, 14 years married last week (second marriage for us both). I can honestly say I had found my soulmate. Such a lovely man. He died in December after 18 months battling a cancer of unknown primary. It seems so unfair as he was a fit man, didn’t smoke etc. I feel robbed of my true love. I manage day to day but going into the garage where he kept his motorbikes is like being stabbed in the heart.

I am truly sorry for your loss it doesn’t matter how long or short a time we are with our soul mates the pain is so overwhelming and heartbreaking breaking for us all .
I lost my soulmate he passed in November he took a blood clot that traveled to his heart in October and he fought so hard to stay but he lost his fight at the end of November .
I also fell robbed of the love of my life it’s just so unfair please take care of your self and keep coming on the forum I’m sending you a hug .

Hi Lily, How awful for you. Life just isn’t fair. You do all you can to keep healthy, and then to try to hold on to someone, and then this happens. Hopefully your heart will heal too.
All good wishes,

I lost my soul mate 7 weeks ago, we were together for 25 amazing years and she was only 49.
It was totally unexpected and my world has been turned upside down.
I feel for you, it’s just unexplainable, but this forum has been a comfort, to know that you can talk to people that can relate to what you are going through

It is helpful. I am trained as a psychotherapist & did my doctorate thesis on grief, but NOTHING prepares you for how emotions come from completely left-field. Usually something totally banal & unexpected sets me off. I am so sorry for your loss, life can be just awful.

I lost my soulmate 2 months ago and I can’t stop crying. In fact I’m crying as I type this. I’ve managed to deal with the funeral and a lot of the paperwork and my friends keep saying how strong I am but I’m really not, I just didn’t want to let him down. I’m constantly asked by his friends to go out with them for coffee but they just want to talk about him and how bad they feel and I don’t think I can cope with that.

The thing is we can all put on a brave face but that doesn’t mean we are coping well, it can just be an act. You will cope but in your own time. I always lead the conversation when I’m with friends etc, and they have learned to not mention Mal unless I start the conversation about him. Sometimes things are so surreal it’s hard to believe this has actually happened.

Hi Maggie
You could be describing me, I feel exactly the same as you.
My friends think I’m amazingly strong, but I’m a total mess.
I lost my beautiful wife of 25 years at the all too young age of 49 only 7 weeks ago

Hi folks. It’s no time at all for us all to even comprehend our loss never mind try to accommodate it in our lives. The length of time is not important. The depth of our love is what matters and that is - sadly - the depth of our grief.

Hope you are all doing ok this evening. Sundays are hard days for those of us in this horrible situation. I wish you well. xx

Richard like you i lost my beautiful , caring , supportive wife at the age of 49 in November 2016 unexpectedly.
I’m still struggling and cannot cope with my loss, I have no support from friends/ family other then this forum.
Still undergoing counseling nearly 8 months on .
My life is at a stand still no one understands my loneliness/ sorrow I cry and talk to my wife daily and try and find comfort by doing so, my days revolve around her and our lives together remembering the things we did/ shared together etc.
It’s the only thing that’s keeping me alive .

I hope you find solace / comfort in your own way but mines is tormenting.


As a footnote Richard to my reply I was married for 23 years and 4 months, met on Valentines day 1993 via a ad in the paper.
I have three kids whom I look after but family is non supportive Inc my in_laws, it’s as if I’ve become a lepur.

I don’t have any friends as my wife was my life, lived for each other and we where a together couple never apart always together .
But those words now having a purpose;
Loneliness ? Within me, Without my wife BAL.

Take care.

So sorry for your loss. All i can say is please take it one day at a time. I lost by husband 5 weeks ago. He was 40 years old and died suddenly. He leaves me with 2 beautiful children. A 6 year old and an 8 year old. I am getting my strenght by talking to people. I am very up and down but know somehow if you can get through one day then you take that and then focus on the next day

Hi to everyone I know how you feel,I lost my wonderful Clive in November,it was sudden,he had a blood clot that travelled to his lungs and he past away with a heart attack,it’s clives birthday today,he would of been laughing singing Kenny Rogers,so loud full of fun,I miss him so much my thoughts are with everyone

Hi penne1965
I am sorry birthdays are just a other reminder of our loved ones not being with us my husband also passed in November after a blood clot traveled to his heart . I be thinking of you today please take care x