Lost my mam 8 months ago

I lost my mam 8 months ago. It’s been very hard as it was really sudden, I only have my dad and a couple of friends. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life, I’m 35 my mam was 62. I was so close to my mam, she was my rock, my best friend, my protector. We had such an amazing bond so strong. I feel like I’m only half a person now, she was such a big part of my life. I miss the bond so much, I just want a sign from her to help me deal with the bad days. You hear of things happening and people seeing their loved ones or signs …so far nothing :frowning: I get disheartened. She always told me that she’d be with me when she passed and watch over me. So far …nothing, just miss her so much. Feel numb xx

Hi, unbelievable but there are three posts, one after each other all basically saying the same thing, I do hope you all will read each other’s post and get same comfortable from each other.
Losing mums is really hard , they are special people in our lives and when they leave us we feel it hard. She was so young and you will find it very hard to continue without her. They will always be part of us and our life’s, please read others post which I do hope help you.
Take care and stay safe. Sxxx

I’m so sorry you’ve lost your Mum. Loss is terribly painful and I understand how raw it feels. It look years before I had a first sign from my Dad. I’ve lost both my parents.
Please, don’t be disheartened that you haven’t had a sign yet. I believe a sign will eventually happen.
Take care

Thank u, I hope so.
What signs did u get? I’m always on the look out for them. I really feel I need signs on my bad days to keep me strong xx

Hi Emmab136,

I lost my Mum unexpectedly in August, so I understand your painful loss. I haven’t had any signs although my sister had weird things happen, cards falling over and my 2 year old nephew running to greet her as he always did when he saw her. For me I think she’s with me when I notice something she would have taught me as a child, a butterfly, the song of a blackbird, a crisp winter’s day.

She gave me the appreciation of these things and when I see them, I remember her and feel she is with me. Don’t feel disappointed if you haven’t had any signs, just enjoy the experiences she would have enjoyed.

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Hi Callisto

I think I had a sign on Saturday night…
I have a 3 year old dog but recently got a puppy. I been sleeping downstairs to try n settle the puppy. Puppy’s crate is in living room next to my mams urn, I was bed down on floor next to the crate, it was all bittersweet. I had a few tears n spoke to her before bed…often hear her speak to me in my mind (sounds crazy) I lay there n heard her say ur knackered bairn get some sleep. Everything felt calm in the house puppy asleep my other dog asleep next to me. I was awake then about 4 or 4.30 I’m sure I felt something or someone like touching my knee through the quilt definitely felt something n instantly thought that was her. I do hope she comes bk xx


I had more signs last night, as my previous post I told u I had a puppy. Yesterday I got the puppy a pen to add onto her crate so she can get out in the nite for wee on pads if she needs to (she’s 9 weeks old) …
My dad put the puppy to bed at 10.45…at 12.25am the puppy woke up crying, the puppy cried and I heard someone say ssshh go to sleep then soon as they said that the puppy was quiet…I thought my dad had got up with the puppy so I shouted of him, no reply, I looked downstairs n the puppy was in the crate my dad was in bed. I know what I heard otherwise the puppy wouldn’t have stopped crying so quick. ( I know from tending to her previous nights) that’s why I thought my dad was downstairs, then 2.25am puppy woke up again n I heard someone say ssshhhh n the puppy went quiet n settled again. I know what I heard I’ve always had sensitive hearing. I know I heard it cos the puppy was quiet instantly like someone was there. I asked my dad if he heard her in the night n he said no xx

Hi Emmab136, how wonderful for you. I’m sure you have taken much comfort from know she’s with you and your family still. Seems like the pup trusts her too. I’m so pleased for you.

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Definitely so glad that I know she’s around xx