Lost my Mam

I sadly lost my mam on the 18th of January very suddenly she was healthy and well so we are still waiting on answers which could take up to 12 weeks, I’m only 24 and she was only 45 and I just keep saying this shouldn’t be happening to someone so young the only time I don’t feel pain is when I’m asleep when I actually get to sleep as I’m hvaing to take tablets to help me sleep. I’ve never suffered a massive loss like this I’m lucky I have a massive support system but I just feel so lost every day i I unfortunately couldn’t sleep back at home after this as my mam passed away at home so I’m living with my boyfriend and his family while we wait for our house to be ready I just keep thinking this isn’t happening and I’m struggling to accept it even after seeing her at the chapel of rest It still doesn’t feel real.

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Dear Michaela, I’m so sorry to hear about your, it must have been an awful shock for you, I agree it’s far too young to lose her, it might help, when you get some answers as to why it happened, I can’t say anything to make this situation any easier, it’s all so raw, all I can say is that it will get easier in time, accept all the support you are given and just take a day at a time, sending love Jude xx

I am so sorry for your loss.24 is so young to lose your mum.I lost my mum last year and I was 33.I am now and again at the acceptance stage and time doesn’t heal but it helps.At the beginning I was so angry that life was still going on without my mum and I wanted to stop time.The first year is the hardest in my opinion.It will really help with you having a massive support system.Try not to shut yourself off from people even though there will be days you want to.You sound so strong.My mum was my first loss.Just think what your mum would say to you.I saw my mum at the chapel of rest but the coffin was closed but that was one of the hardest days.It won’t feel real for a while you are still in shock by the sounds,I hope you get answers.Here if you need to chat x

Hi Michaela, so sorry for your loss. I can totally relate. My mom was very fit, no ailments. She got massive cardiac arrest and just like that she passed away. We had texted on the very same day. I’m in shock and in a really bad state. I haven’t left my bed ever since. I have no will to live but I know I have to live for my dad who is heartbroken and not the same happy person anymore.
I can’t imagine my life with her. She is my everything.
Some of the things which are helping me stay alive are:
1- posting on this site and talking to other ppl who are going through a major loss.
2- reading grief articles/watching YouTube videos
3- knowing that we all are doing to die one day so this pain even if it seems long won’t be permanent. I also hope to reunite with her. Please watch near death experience videos on YouTube where people talk Abt what they say when the died for a few minutes.
5- the most important- I am her DNA. I am made up of her cells. She kept me inside her womb for 9 months. I see my hands, face, etc it’s all from her. So I do have her in me.

Hi Michaela i am so sorry for your loss.24 is so young to lose your mum.I was 33 when I lost my mum last year.To lose her so suddenly is heart breaking.What I’ve learnt since losing my mum is time helps but time goes so slow you feel like the world has stopped.The hardest thing for me was watching life carry on thinking it shouldn’t be because my mum wasn’t here.Take each day one day at a time or one hour at a time if you need to.You are so early on in your grief but what you are feeling is normal and things will get a little easier as time moves on.Take care.